Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ouroboros Turned Inside Out Is a Fractal Creating Itself Forever

By Eric Stoveken

Ouroboros undulates robotically. Our baffled observations, rather ominous, shrivel under nonsensical data uniformity legislation. Aggressive technicians examine substantial registries of biological occurrences, tracing incremental corroborations.
Analog luddites lag.
Young, outlandish usurpers run barefoot across force fields; lewdly electrified dilettantes obstruct better scientists, eliciting visceral, animalistic, territorial intimidations. Ordinarily normal scientists rip apart tittering herpetology enthusiasts, rendering others motionless.
It’s no ordinary unrest.
Scientists steep human remains in valerian extract. Languorous Ukrainian nymphets daintily eat, relishing narcotic offal; now sucking each nourishing sliver, imitating codfish and leeches. Deviance abounds.
The anodyne undernotes nullify innate fears. Once reticence morphs into yearning, lick endometrial growths in some luscious aspic! This is our new ambrosia.
“Good God!” Reginald exclaims. “Shouldn’t scientists investigate viable euphoria that eschews cannibalism?” He notices impressive calligraphic inscriptions announcing new stratagems: “Existential xenophobia and misanthropic indifference never ever should undermine basic scientific technique. Allow neutrality to inspire all learning!”
Reginald exploded. Gorgeous insanity swarmed the region. In every sector, ornamentation found believers in objective loveliness. Observant geniuses in continuous action let our conclusions create unbelievably real righteous epiphanies, not cheap edifices. Standing there, reading a compendium, I notice great inconsistencies. None can reach elegant mental equilibrium. No, they all lie. Come on! Reasonably researching Ouroboros by observing robotic actions; this is our noble search.