Monday, April 2, 2012

In My Sleep

By Patrick Trotti

I dreamt that Das Racist raided my apartment last night. They looked angry and confused. Something to do with piracy.
I kept on hearing the line “You should probably buy it,” repeating over an instrumental beat.

Their music was playing on my Macbook when I woke up. Indian food and pot filled the air, settling in a hazy fog over my bed. Last night, for a few hours, I was them. I lived their life as I imagined it to be. Boiled down their struggles, their success to an approximation; a mathematical equation from the safety of my bedroom. That’s as close as they could come to penetrating white suburbia.

Maybe that explained the voices. I still searched my closets just to be safe.
Bio: Patrick Trotti is a writer, editor, and student. On good days it's in that order. Check out for more.

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