Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thank You For Everything

By Santiago Dunbar

Sudden liquor. New revenues jump 6 years. However 11 38 has money waiting for you.

Frank unclaimed children through his local wife, Drew. Imprisonment forced business owners’ will. Add any job. Health don’t have Starbucks. 1,000 2013 meant Harrison Moore and cost Colton rights to several businesses.

Is a glass a more Wall street good news? So many ways looking in Puyallup. It’s simple! All stores and cell phones. Today until noon.

Missing San Diego.


BIO: Santiago Dunbar writes everything from letters to his pals, to propaganda slogans on backpacks. Being very versatile, Santiago spends a lot of time tuning his energy in his pyramid portal. Professionally, Santiago is a licensed Cat Psychic Healer. Many of the names and dates in his works are transmitted to him through his cat, Karen. Together, they live in a quiet yurt outside of Ashland, Oregon on an alpaca farm.

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