Monday, January 9, 2012

Along Came The Truth

By George S. Karagiannis

At the parking lot, the Yakuza assassins are waiting to torture professor Martin to death. Yakuza didn’t appreciate Professor Martin’s last published article regarding the tremendous consequences of coca-cola on pregnant women. When Professor Martin appears, they throw him down and force him drink water from the rusty pipes, pushing his face violently into the dirty street water; dogs had shitted there earlier.
“How does that taste, huh?” one of them asks him kicking his head deeper into the muddy pile.
It’s okit will soon end, Professor Martin thinks. His nose bleeds seriously and his skin and eyes almost melt in the burning asphalt. His skull slightly cracks. The water turns crimson red like an old Burgundy wine. In particular, the bloody-Mary red!
The Yakuza gang leader reveals a hand-crafted stiletto from his pants and starts cutting professor’s genitals with a sexual frenitis. This youngster used to wet his bed, torture animals and be abused by his father at his childhood; the tightest profile fit for a serial, tainted killer.
One perverted street artist somewhere across is drawing in real-time fashion the Yakuza assassins urinating at professor’s car and then kicking it to total destruction, after they are done with him.
The new design turns out to be a huge commercial success; in this advertisement, a group of teenagers drink coca-cola, drive in a badly kicked and urinated car, and strive to have a party in a suburban underground velvet place, where Yakuza is supplying everyone with ‘meds’, and they never stop dancing in the flickering rhythm of the candles, prepared for a ceremony worshiping the Antichrist.
That’s indeed someplace!
Because the peaceful people do not care about Sun blisters or blood in the streets or torn gloves or withered apples or aluminum cans thrown here and there. They like symmetry in their lives, instead.
We, all, have previously seen Professor Martin on the posters, by the walls.
Yes, we’ve seen him on the posters.
BIO: George S. Karagiannis was born in Thessaloniki, Greece at 1984. He finished the School of Veterinary Medicine and is currently a PhD student at the University of Toronto in Canada, studying the molecular mechanisms of cancer metastasis. He enjoys writing science fiction, mainly in the sub-genres of (1) hard science fiction, (2) bizarro and horror sci-fi and (3) apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic, but more often blending all those, together! His favorite science fiction author is Philip K. Dick, whom he has been reading since he was introduced in the field. He is also an abstractionist/surreal artist and his blog can be found here:

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