Thursday, August 11, 2011


By Santiago Dunbar


Peony Lukewarm. Ah! Austin hill. Medicine between brand machines. Diane, Malibue division West Park. We Recommend prompt removal of land and sea.

The More the merrier Shang Hai, China or Shang Hai Kressandra Johnston. She was hand-washed.

Segment twin mirrors. Segment twin mirrors. Please call for a car.

I think Smile came on because he wanted it to come on. I’m told the powerful ones can cross over—in and out, or back and forth. He was soft, loved animals.

Regime meltdown. This replaces Europe. So-called “developed” countries think freely but obey. This is why the debate about the limits of liberal ideology is thriving. So how is it that president Celine Jong excelled, finishing 18 holes in 19 strikes? It is the enigma of a self-sabotaging fetishist object. The brotherly help of the Silver skyline.


Marty Gurtmacher RN 35N4


BIO: Santiago Dunbar writes everything from letters to his pals, to propaganda slogans on backpacks. Being very versatile, Santiago spends a lot of time tuning his energy in his pyramid portal. Professionally, Santiago is a licensed Cat Psychic Healer. Many of the names and dates in his works are transmitted to him through his cat, Karen. Together, they live in a quiet yurt outside of Ashland, Oregon on an alpaca farm.

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