Saturday, August 13, 2011

Marcus Brutus and Julius Caesar Have Sex for the Fourth Time

By Mike Kleine


Caesar kisses Brutus’ foot and then begins to suck on his toe.

“Nobody’s ever done that before” Brutus says.

“I know,” whispers Caesar.

Caesar concentrates and alternates between making circles with his tongue and drawing triangles on the tip of Brutus’ toe.

Brutus is memorizing Caesar’s moves because he is thinking he will do the same to Caesar’s penis once he is done.

Caesar is hoping Brutus is memorizing the designs he is making on the tip of his toe with his tongue so that later on, Brutus will know exactly what to do for the perfect blowjob.

Caesar stops sucking on Brutus’ toe.

He moves up.

He brushes his left hand through Brutus’ hair.

Caesar follows the movement of his hand and caresses Brutus on the neck and then slowly begins to massage his right shoulder.

Brutus makes a sound.

“What did you say,” asks Caesar.

“Nothing, it just feels really good,” says Brutus.

“What,” asks Caesar a second time.

Nevermind, Brutus thinks.

Caesar looks Brutus in the eyes.

“Nevermind,” Brutus says after three seconds of awkward silence.

Caesar wants to keep massaging Brutus’ right shoulder but his wrist and forearm are quickly becoming sore.

Caesar is not in the habit of front shoulder massages.

Brutus’ eyes are closed so Caesar does not want to stop.

Caesar does not want Brutus to stare at his face while he is giving him a shoulder massage from the front.

My face is way too close to his face, Caesar thinks.

Brutus’ eyes are still closed. This is the way Caesar likes it.

It’s hard for Caesar to look Brutus in the eyes because he feels like he is judging Brutus whenever he looks into his eyes.

Caesar looks away because he can’t handle the pressure anymore.

He concentrates on a smudge on the wall.

I don’t want to judge you Brutus, Caesar thinks.

I’m going to have to work on that, definitely, Caesar thinks.

Now his wrist is really getting sore.

Tomorrow, Caesar is planning on trying out that new chicken parmesan recipe Cassius gave him. Caesar needs his wrist to not be sore if he’s going to impress Cassius with that chicken parmesan.

Caesar leans in and begins to lick Brutus’ neck.

He moans.

Now, Caesar thinks.

Caesar takes his hand off Brutus’ shoulder and grabs a hold of his face.

They kiss.

Brutus brushes the contour of Caesar’s penis with his right hand as they kiss.

Caesar is wearing a Macy’s Private Label dinner jacket over a Marc by Marc Jacobs Cotton Pique Polo, Limited Edition. The Calvin Klein black slacks beautifully compliment Caesar’s Louis Vuitton Explorer sneakers.

“I want to rule the world with you. Like, right now” Brutus says with his eyes still closed.

“I so want to rule the world with you,” Caesar says in between kisses, his eyes also closed.

Caesar says this while taking in Brutus’ full scent.

“Yeah,” Brutus says.

“The world,” Caesar says.

Caesar pulls up Brutus’ skirt and caresses the inside of his right thigh.

Caesar realizes the warmth of his body is now giving him an erection.

He feels like he should take off his Calvin Klein slacks since he does not want to destroy them but he also does not want to ruin the moment with an awkward pause.

Caesar hates awkward moments.

Brutus is wearing purple Hello Kitty panties and on the center left there is a wet spot.

That’s kind of gross, Caesar thinks but then he closes his eyes.

He touches the spot with his lips and gives it a big lick. He stares up at Brutus who is staring down at him.

Brutus smiles.

Caesar moves in again and gives the spot another lick. Now it is really wet.

Caesar takes off Brutus’ panties. Brutus giggles a little.

“Why are you laughing,” Caesar asks.

“That tickles,” Brutus says.

Caesar doesn’t believe Brutus.

Caesar feels like looking at Brutus and saying stop because he no longer is interested in performing oral sex on Brutus at this point since he is repulsed by his laugh. Right now, Caesar would rather play a quick round of jai alai with Antony.

After a bit though, the feeling passes and Caesar resumes.

Caesar licks Brutus’ sex. He makes circles and draws triangles with his tongue.

“A little more pressure,” Brutus says.

I still need my blowjob, Caesar thinks.

Caesar makes the same patterns with his tongue on Brutus’ sex but applies a little more pressure this time. Caesar is using the tip of his tongue like the eraser at the end of a no. 2 Staedler wood pencil. Caesar makes sure Brutus can feel what he is doing.

Caesar’s tongue makes deep circles.

Five minutes pass.

Caesar tastes a little pee.

Caesar is hard.

Seven minutes pass.

Caesar’s penis is hard.

Twelve minutes pass and Caesar’s arms begin to hurt. He stops licking and looks up at Brutus. Brutus has been staring at the top of Caesar’s head for the whole twenty-four minutes.

I wonder what the top of my head looks like, Caesar thinks.

This thought is interrupted when Caesar realizes it is a little past noon.

A few moments later, Brutus moans.


BIO: Mike Kleine is from the Midwest. He is currently working on a fiction novel. It has a title. During the day, he teaches English to non-English speaking children. At night, he emails famous people so they will read his stories.

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