Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fat Eskimo Fuck Feast

By Joe Jablonski

“I’m ready,” she calls from the back room with a husky, Eskimo accent.

You enter the room wearing nothing but tight leather short-shorts. Your hair is quaffed to perfection.

She’s laying on a half collapsed bed, her stretch-mark riddled legs closed and folded to one side. Thick, fur-lined lingerie is wrapped tightly around her, bulging with the plumpness hidden within.

You crawl onto the bed next to her and begin nibbling on her hear. A deep, throated moan escapes her lips.

She pulls her robe back from where it opens in the front, the flab of her tan naked body melting into the bed beneath. Purple nipple tassels cover her large areolas, half absorbed into low hanging breast the size of bowling balls. On her ass is a stretched tattoo of Van Damn.

You achieve a full erection.

“Come and get me,” she says, her words muffled by a mouthful of fresh fish. Scales erupt from her mouth as she speaks. You smile as you lean over her and lick it off. Your tongue scrapes across two day stubble.

She spreads her legs wide, and motions you in.

You push back her front-butt, not too rough or over eager, but slowly, with the soft caress of a gentlemen.

Angels sing from her vagina.

You get on top of her, pull up and begin to enter. The first two attempts are failures but the third rings true. At the moment of penetration, your eyes go wide. You blow on the first thrust then proceed to cry for an hour.

She holds your face between her breasts as you sob and tells you it’s ok. You believe her and fall asleep dreaming about Eskimo pie.


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