Sunday, August 7, 2011


By Connor Czevek Cosgrove

I sat in the corner of the room watching the million coloured cat rip itself in half and rejoin its flesh as it stalked towards me. It stopped in front of me, licking its lips as it glared into my eyes. Its black eyes vibrated in their irises as he purred. He opened his mouth, its jaw cracking as it unhinged. Fingers appearing from the throat and gripping the sides of the mouth. The fingers flexed and pulled. A whole man pulled his body from the inside of the cat's mouth. The cat's body dissipated and blew away on the wind.

"Hi, I am you and that cat was depression."

I shook his hand and shot him a confused look, raising my eyebrow and contorting my mouth into a frown, whilst cocking my head to the left, I smiled down at myself, "Now do as I did and pull yourself out of it."

He turned and grabbed my hat off the table and my coat off the rack, nodded to my mother and walked out the door into the distant sunshine.


BIO: Hi I'm Connor, this is how I think about things I guess. I usually give myself my own advice in some astral form. Oh and I write books.

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